Kardashian divorce, Obama, and Syria all in one headline

I’ve got a few problems with some of these TOP news stories headlines I saw yesterday and today.

One. How have we become so absorbed with the fame in this world, that we would dare put the Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce among the top stories or even ABOVE this whole possibility of going to war? Is that really where our priorities lie? Cause I’ve got some issues with that. I wouldn’t even know who those Jenner people were if the news was constantly unfolding stories of the Kardashians in our faces along with Bieber news. If I cared about those things, I would be on sites like TMZ or something. But, this wouldn’t be put at such a priority if other people didn’t put celebrity gossip as something so important. I didn’t know being a celebrity stalker was an actual job or dream I could have come true until TMZ started airing on television. Wow, big dreams people. I can see it now, a teacher asking “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  “Oh, I want to be a professional photographer for celebrity sighting!” “Oh, I want to dress in skanky clothes, make a dirty tape, and be the next Karadashian!” Yes, these are the people we want influencing our next generation! That’s why they don’t know what to do with themselves if it doesn’t involve taking a selfie! (My husband actually doesn’t even know what the term means!)

You know what I do kind of envy though about this generation? The easy access to your celebrity crush. It’s so unfair! I was so obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter when growing up, I would have done anything, I mean anything, to talk, touch, or just even for them to acknowledge my existence! And now, you can tweet them and such. Your celebrity crush is at your fingertips! That is one thing I envy. Instead, I had to settle with my imaginary weddings, and kissing my Nick Carter poster for practice in the closet. Hey, we all did it, admit it.

Back to my rant on headlines….this whole “are we going to war or not going to war” thing and how the media wants to convince me that we are “actually” doing air strikes in Syria. I’m not a big political person so don’t worry. But I will say this. Why is when a celebrity is dating someone, dies, does something crazy, we immediately proceed to a million searches on the internet for proof and need multiple sources and more than one picture…but just because the media tells me we are doing air strikes in Syria and shows me the same picture in every media outlet for “proof”, everyone is satisfied with that? I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but this sounds fishy to me. After 9/11, we had to have live media coverage of us bombing the middle east for our eyes to see, but with this whole thing, we are just believing it because the news says so and we have one picture? Hm…looks like we got our priorities wrong on that. But goodness, tell the world that icloud photos are leaked and that ranks at billions of searches. Yes, that’s going to change our world?

Now keep in mind, these are just my thoughts, and I’m not trying to start some political debate on war and such. My main concern is our lack of priorities. How more people are concerned with the famous than with actual reality. Our focus is all wrong. I want to see more average people accomplishing or wanting to accomplish big things right here instead of striving to be the next sexy thing. I also want to see more flash mobs…and be a part of one. That would be awesome. I have yet to see one in person. I would probably attempt joining in if I ever saw one. But I’m a horrible a dancer…it looks like so much fun though.

I think I will arrange a flash mob. Yes. That’s it.