Attempting to be the biggest loser

We are doing the Biggest Loser challenge at work in the office. At first, I was positive I could win it. Especially since the last two months of 2015 were spent eating almost everything in site and gaining a few pounds back that I worked almost the entire year to lose. So I had motivation, I could do this. But now that I’ve seen my competition, I’m not feeling too positive. They all have gym memberships, their kids are grown, and they seem to have more self control then me. They keep telling me about their successful workouts an I’m all like…yeah, I made 10,000 steps yesterday and made it all day without losing my mind.


I have been trying, but everyone else seems to be ruthless in this. I’m having a hard enough time eating right. Every day I hear a cheeseburger and cake calling my name. I’m so hungry. Just yesterday I caved and ate a loaded baked potato. I mean LOADED. It was amazing and I went for a 40 minute run to make up for it. Lol!images

I am also doing my Advocare 24 Challenge with this. I’m only on Day 6, which is the cleanse phase. I’m peeing all the time. I’m hungry all the time. I’m trying to drink haadvocare-24-day-challengelf my body weight in ounces of water…and that is the most exhausting part. Do you know how boring water gets when your forcing 90 ounces of it in your body! AH, that’s the hardest part. Yeah I get my delightful SPARK but, I can’t put that in all my drinks or I may be some maniac jumping all over the place!

Having kids is the hardest part of all it. My schedule basically revolves around them. For some reason when they see me working out, it becomes “Let’s jump on mommy” time. I can’t do any floor exercises because they get on me. When I do my Zumba they want me to dance with them and keep trying to stand on my toes. So I basically can only work out when they are asleep. Let’s look at this…I wake up 5:45 every day, get myself ready, the kids ready, pack daily needs and get in the car. We drive to drop my kiddo off at school, the girls off with the nanny, and then go to work. I work til 5 pm, pick up the kids, drive home, cook dinner, eat, family time, bath time for the kids and then putting them to bed process lasts about 20 minutes to 1 hour. After we get every bible story, thanking Jesus prayers, sing our goodnight song, say our I love yous, and give the hugs and kisses…this is the most time taking process. We have three kids to do this with. By this time it’s 8:30, if I’m lucky, and I am wiped out. Now I need to figure out how to squeeze a work out in there. I’m tired just telling you about my schedule. I could go to bed early, wake up earlier and do a workout at 5am…but just the thought of that makes me cringe.

So evening work outs it is. i’ll tell you what though, my sleep has never been deeper since by the time I work out and shower, I literally pass out the second my body hits the bed. But man a I sore…which is good. It means I’m doing something.

I might be addicted to my fitbit though. I constantly check it throughout the day. I am a very competitive person, so if I seem my husband’s steps are more than mine, I go up and 11-4-2013fitbitforceleaddown stairs to bring them up. I HATE losing. I’m always syncing, and probably annoying my friends with my constant step challenge requests. Lol. If you don’t have a fitbit, get one. I love it! I can track my calories, sleep, water intake, and everything! Love it!

Well, last time I did this Advocare 24 day Challenge, I lost 8 inches and 8 lbs. I’m hoping to have even better results this time. Last time I did the Biggest Loser challenge, I was in second place…I lost by 1.5 lbs, which was like by .45% of weight lost. AHHH! I will win this one.

I invite you to pray for me. I need help with motivation, fighting food temptations, and getting my work outs in.

One good thing…the doctor finally figured out that I am Vitamin D deficient. Now that I have been taking vitamin D regularly…I feel great! Not as exhausted, no more pain and dizzyness…it’s been good. So that helps!