Are you offended now?

Man, this generation we live in is seriously offended by everything! If I made a big deal about everything that bothered me, I could have started a civil war by now. My goodness. Wasn’t it like the general rule back in the day that there are two topics you never talk about at a social gathering “religion and politics.”? I miss those days, when we agreed to disagree, we were all allowed to have different opinions and no one spent their sweet time trying to shove down your throat how what they believe is right.


With that, anyone reading my blogs know very well where my faith stands. It is an important part of me. God is my life, and I will do my best at trying to represent Him. However, if someone does not agree with my belief, I have been instructed by Jesus to “shake the dust off my feet and move on”. Which is what I do! I could tell you all day about how awesome Jesus is, but will it make you believe it? I would love to think so. But if you told me you didn’t want to hear it anymore, I stop. Because I was taught something called respect. Also, I completely understand we were all created different for God’s purpose. We all come from different backgrounds, traditions, histories, so of course we are all going to see things differently. If God wanted us all the same, he wouldn’t have allowed many nations, or different skin color, or changed our languages. God did what needed to be done. None of us are alike.

We don’t need to see eye to eye, but we could at least be kind and tolerant. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Those social media has given everyone the power and ability to voice their opinions, but people abuse it. Their mean and hateful. Because I am a Christian, I am always under attack and considered “close minded because my beliefs differ from the world. I can’t stand that. If anything I’m open minded because I used to once not believe and lived very outlandish lifestyles and then when I came to Christ, I was so deeply moved by His grace, I could not leave unchanged. I know how easy it is to do all those crazy things and view the way you view. I used to be there. Don’t call me close minded, I’m just different. Close minded are those that think we all have to view things the same.

Someone very dear to me is a Native American. Very proud of his heritage and ancestral background. He is always posting stuff on his facebook account regarding his Indian pride. His wife cannot stand it. She has forced him to stop posting anything relating to it for fear of controversy and/or because she sees it as embarrassing. He’s gotten to the point where he can’t handle it hearing it anymore, so he stopped. This saddens me greatly.  How much less time is consumed if we just choose not to be offended or not start controversy? She could easily just scroll past his post, not comment, ignore, unfollow, anything! But she allows herself to be consumed with frustration because she feels his Indian pride is racist.

If we sit here and continue to be offended by everything we are all going to be hateful. We are allowing the devil to steal our joy when we do that! Over something so stupid. So meaningless. Is it worth it? To be so worked up over a post on facebook? Something we overheard? Or a different opinion? No, it really isn’t worth it. By acting in anger, we are not helping anyone see us or our opinion differently. I’m not saying you have to act this way to get them to see your way, but why bring more resentment when you can bring peace?

My husband gets so worked up just watching the news. It’s so silly. I always tell him, does this news article change your life? Is Obama coming to your house to take your rights away? No…then it’s just silly. Silly to give something so minuscule so much power over you.

So here is my challenge for you. Try to go a whole day not being offended by something. Ignore the itch to comment on that post, let a different opinion not bother you. Try to even imagine why they may feel the way they do. Just don’t let it bother you.

Life is 10% of what happens to you but 90% of how you respond.

Are you going to let something small control who you are? No…then don’t let it steal you joy.


I’m not sorry if this offends you.