It really does work!

So I’ve jumped the gun! I’ve been using the It Works! Body wraps for over a year now and have loved them so much and seen great results that I finally decided to go all in and become a distributor! It’s been a whirlwind! I’ve only been doing it for less than a month and I’m on such an inspiring team that I really think I can do it. They help and push you! I’ve already done about four video chats and a couple conference calls. I really feel like I can make a difference.


I also have zero problem talking to people so I think I can do it! And I have confidence in the product. It’s time to get serious though! I want to be a product of the product! I’ve been trying to get fit, but honestly I could be trying harder. Does anyone understand the struggle of self control and sushi?! Because I sure don’t….self control…definitely do not have it.That’s been my issue though. Before, food was never a problem for me. If anything I would forget to eat…but now, I feel like I HAVE to eat. When did that happen? I fasted for two days last month because of a court case and it was awful. I could barely handle it, but I wanted to honor God with my prayers and fast. When did I allow food to control me? That’s how I got here, fat and unhappy with my body. I will not let it define me!

I know it’s my problem now. I make a big deal if I can’t have cake. I finish my food and sometimes my kids, too! I’m so disappointed in myself. I want to honor God with my body, feel sexy for my husband, and represent my company now! I’m starting the Triple Threat 90 Day Challenge, so bear with me! I will be posting my results and my struggles. Pray for me…cause I’m in need. Pray for my self control, motivating myself, and that I can be successful not just for a company or for my husband who is happy with me regardless of my weight, but for me. I would be so proud if I could get rid of 50 pounds of this burden. My goal is to lose 30 this year. I think it’s doable.

Can you help me? Whether through prayer or through accountability, please help me. I need this.

Oh and just in case you’re wondering what is It Works and what is that 90 Day Challenge, here is more info: It Works