When your child is the teacher


My son has so much passion for Jesus. His faith is always on fire and he is always challenging himself to take it to the next level. I absolutely love this about him! You see, I didn’t get the chance to grow in a church going, God-loving home, so I love to see him be so excited about it! The only thing about this, is he takes everything to heart. He learns about evangelism and wants to be a missionary, it’s amazing! The only thing is, he can’t understand at his little age why everyone doesn’t want to hear about Jesus!89269-quotes-about-preaching-the-gospel

The other day, we were playing at McDonald’s for dinner and my son comes crying to me. He is a sobbing mess. I begin to think that someone hurt him and that mama bear is about to come out! I ask him what happened, and in his tears he slowly spits out, “I was trying to *cries* tell that kid over there *catches breath* about Jesus and he *cries harder* said…he said…he said…that it was boring! *cries harder* Now he’s going to hell and there isn’t anything I can do about it!” He’s sobbing screaming now. I cradled his little head and tell him not to worry. I have to try to explain to him, that this won’t be the last time he hears a response like that. It’s our job to tell people about Jesus, but it’s up to them whether they decide. I also tried explaining that the kid more than likely just wanted to play and he might be too little to understand and not to worry he may not be going to hell.  My husband comes back with the food and we talk about it and start to giggle about his compassion, when it hits me.

We should be that upset if someone is dying and is going to hell. It’s not funny. It’s not a small matter. But why don’t we care more? Hell is real. Hell is scary. We shouldn’t want anyone to go there and we should be concerned if our loved ones are going there.

My child taught me something.

He loves to tell everyone about Jesus. He tells everyone he meets about Jesus and his redyellowpurpose. He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t look at them and think “maybe they’re already a Christian”, he doesn’t care about how looks, what someone will think about him, he doesn’t base it off of their gender, race, title, age, or any of that. So why do we? Why are we not telling everyone we meet the same thing? Why are we so hesitant, or allow others’ opinions of us to prevent the gospel from being shared? My son is so concerned about others, he even wants strangers to go to Heaven because hell is so scary to him. Sure that might sound juvenile, but it’s truth. How many people do we walk by, talk to, meet, interact with and don’t say anything about Jesus? Do we not have the same love and compassion as a child? How do we expect the world to change or better if we are holding the one truth that can bring so many hope and restoration?

I am a distributor of a few MLM companies on the side. And they are always pumped and telling everyone that we need to get the word out and share the product with everyone they meet. Every time I hear them mention about getting the product out there to everyone we come in contact with, I always think about how we should be that motivated and enthusiastic about sharing Jesus. We should share the one thing that has the power to change. Jesus has changed everything for me. My life is vastly different since I put Him in first in my life. If there was hope for me, then goodness there surely is hope for everyone else.

You know how many people have heard about God, Jesus, the son of God and that’s the extent of their knowledge? They don’t understand forgiveness, grace and redemption? I had to been to few Catholic services as a child and seen my grandma pray…but never did I know why Jesus was on the cross. Never did I understand that he could give me hope, that I was His child, never did I know why he did what he did for all of us. It’s so amazing to see how God intervened to allow me to learn about it. I thank Him every day for sending a friend’s mother, who cared enough about where I was spending eternity, to invite me to Capturechurch camp. What’s even worst was the friend knew I wasn’t a believer. The friend knew I was hopeless, sad, hurt, carrying so many burdens on me….and they continued to hold back the truth of Jesus from me. The mom cared. She invited, I went, and wow my life was changed forever. Because of that invitation from a stranger, I have been a part of so many miracles, blessings, and had the opportunity to teach others about Christ. All because one stranger cared enough. I’ve come in contact with thousands of people and talked about Jesus. Did every one of them accept it? No, but at least I didn’t hold it back. It’s like a chart….telling one person spreads to everyone they tell, to everyone they tell, and so on…

If we stopped holding ourselves back, there could be less hate in this world. All this ugliness, hatefulness, murdering, it could decrease. People would no longer feel a void in their life, they would have hope, they’d have compassion. If we all talked about the love of Jesus, showed the love of Jesus, then we have a chance at receiving that in return from others. Could you imagine that? Now I know that not everyone would accept Him, but even it’s just one….there’s one more life not going to hell. Love Jesus, Live like Jesus, Share Jesus.

We should be concerned. We should care. We should have the same compassion that my son has for the broken-hearted. He says he wants to be a missionary when he grows up, but he doesn’t even realize that he already is one.