Management styles

One thing I do not understand in a supervisor is when they use the method of fear to manage. My current supervisors are great, and I’m blessed for that, but in past jobs, it’s been a nightmare. The managers that use fear or the ones that just don’t care about the job period are my least favorite people to work for. I’ll tell you something, if I’m working for you, I’m going to work hard and be passionate. I want whatever I’m doing to thrive and working for someone that doesn’t care about the direction their in or the company is in, is rough to be under. It allows everyone to tank but that’s just my opinion.

The reason I’m even going on about this is because someone who works in my old position, called me for advice because my old boss uses the fear tactic and she was afraid if she didn’t find a solution on her own she would be in trouble. We are grown woman, we aren’t children, but somehow this supervisor manages to instill fear for your own employment that it makes you feel timid like a child. I’m so thankful to be in my job right now. I love it and who I work for. I felt sad for this person because I know exactly how she feels. The constant stress over making an error, or fear that you are doing something wrong, or worry what they will say about any of your work performance. This supervisor actually liked me, but based on my interactions with them previously, you would have never guessed that. It’s a poor management method. When you think your role is to drive fear into your staff to get results, guess what! You are going to get abandoned. And they have, they’ve lost so many people over the years and can’t keep their team staffed. But the worst part is knowing this is going on and seeing that no one stands up to them, nor is any action being taken on them.

I tried my best to help this stranger that had my number because my old boss kept it so if the new “incompetent” worker couldn’t figure out the skills, they could call me. I honestly allowed this because I knew how hard it would be to work under this person and wanted to offer any help I could.

I was a manager for ten years and I always found the best success in my employees was positive feedback, involvement, and one on one character building. Once my team knew I cared, believed in them, and wanted them to succeed, there were so many results. I could take a person who was looked at as invaluable to the team and turn it around just by working with them at their level. My most favorite boss in the world did that with me. He dedicated a lot of time building me up. He would schedule one on one sessions with each of his team leaders and managers to make them successful. I wish he knew how important he was to me. Everything he ever taught me, I’ve taken with me when I work. I always look fondly at his leadership and hope to be the type of boss he was to me.

Diamond in the rough.