Blogger blogging about other bloggers’ blogs.

Is this thing on?

I don’t write because I expect anyone to actually read them. I would totally love for people to read my posts. But I write because it’s relaxing for me. I love getting lost in writing and sometimes I learn more about myself when I am writing.

But I’ve noticed I’ve hardly ever had anyone really view my page. Then I look at the people I follow, and most of them are in the same boat. And I wonder how those famous bloggers end up happening because someone has to be reading them. Now I wonder if everyone is blogging and no one is reading and we are all hoping that we will be the blog that changes something or gets famous and popular but really, we’re just another blog.

Are all the bloggers too busy blogging their blogs to help other bloggers blogging?

Hehehehe now I’m cracking myself up.

Seriously though…think about that.

Still snickering….but that’s a real question.

Now I’m contemplating for every day that I challenge myself to write one sentence each day, that I also challenge myself to read someone else’s blog besides the Proverbs 31 ministries. If you are passionate about your faith, I’m telling ya, you need to read their devotions every day! I love them and start almost every day with their devotion! Really down to earth and life applicable. <–Go there.


So see, this blogger just helped another blogger with their blog.

So who would like me to read their blog to help their blog out?