Busy Bee, busy me…

I’m one of those people who love to be busy. I honestly feel like a part of me is dying if I don’t have anything to do. It sometimes can depress me. I’m weird like that.

You know what my favorite type of work is? I love working in the restaurant industry! I’m one of those rare people that love food, management, fast paced, getting a rush, and chaos. I was a manager at Chuck E. Cheese for a little over ten years altogether. I loved it. I also managed a Sonic and Wich Wich, and I’ll tell you what, my favorite moments were when we had a major rush and just got slammed left and right with orders. I loved seeing how fast I could put out fires, the chaos of it all, and then how quick of a recovery we could make from it. My least favorite parts were when we would be slow….blah! I loved Happy Hour at Sonic, I would be the only person begging to work the drink station at that time because I knew it would be such a rush. But to me, that’s fun.

Now that I’m a busy mom of three and very involved in my church and my family, I don’t have the flexibility of working in restaurant. Unfortunately restaurant industry hours are not family friendly. So now I work in an office. I don’t mind it, but the fast paced rush isn’t as exciting as restaurant work. My bosses sometimes look at me like I’m crazy when they hand me a project and I get it done right away and hand it to them. Their expressions are usually like “there wasn’t a deadline, you didn’t have to get it to me right away”. But that’s me. I like to take a project, challenge myself, and tackle it 100%, the best way and most efficient way possible. Sadly, creating a spreadsheet in 15 minutes just isn’t the same as running a chaotic shift at Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday in January.

Oh man, those were the days. Line out the door to get in, multiple lines at the cash register while the salad bar gets trashed, lines at the merch prize counter that everyone is avoiding because working that job was my little version of hell, and the pizza tickets are getting printed faster than we can put cheese on them all while games are out of tickets, there is a coin jam, pizzas needing to be delivered, the bathroom is out of toilet paper, and someone needs to get in the mouse suit to perform for the birthday show for the 8 parties booked that hour, and OF COURSE  you have a mad party mom about something or even nothing at all, while you’re helping a lost child find their mommy, as you’re just trying to sweep the confetti some party threw all over the floor even though you said not to, and then low and behold….the cash register is out of tokens. Phew, I really do miss those days. Not even lying.

Now instead of being pulled in all different directions to prevent a guest complaint, I’m pulled in several different directions helping my son with his homework, showing my oldest daughter how write her letters, and carrying my baby who isn’t so much a baby anymore, singing to the bird, and telling the dog to get out of the kitchen, while listening to my husband tell me a story about work as I’m making dinner and of course there will be a temper tantrum in there somewhere, or the dog will have an accident, or my roof starts leaking, and I know dinner will be late and my kids won’t be in bed by 8 no matter how much I try to plan it every day. But you know what, it’s my life and I love it.

So I guess, parenting isn’t so different than managing a restaurant after all. 🙂