Going on 17 years…

I’ve been a Patriots fan since 2000, when I first really learned about football. I remember I would play NFL blitz on my ps one and I learned so much about football. Patriots were my team. I’d always win when I played them. Then in 2001 when they went to the Super Bowl and won, they were even more my team from that point forward. 

I get a lot of hate for being a Pats fan, but that’s ok I can handle the smack talk. Their just really good and everyone tries to bring them down. I am very happy that they are going to the super bowl again this year by just playing good and playing smart. All these cheating scandals and crap they’ve been through, it’s like an “in your face moment” that they are that good! 

Congrats Pats and great game! 

See ya at the super bowl!