This mom says no more…

I despise homework. Not just homework I used to have in general, but my child’s homework. I did not like homework growing up, and I most definitely hate it even more as a parent. Yes, I said hate. Because I’m ok with homework dying and never returning.


Homework is not just work for the child but for the parents, too. How many kids under the age of 10 are all like, “I just got home from 8 hours of school and I’m going to do more school work all on my own without my parents asking”? Seriously. That is a very unrealistic concept. Hence, work for the parents. The parents to remind the child to do homework, parents to help with questions that the child all-of-a-sudden can no longer remember the earlier lesson, or parents having to deal with the impatience of a child who just spent 9 hours being the best version of themselves at school and only have a few hours at home to just be home.

That’s my main point. I work 40 hours and don’t have to take my work home. I’m all about work/life balance, so when I’m not working, I can be fully devoted to my home life and my family. Why should my kid have to do school for 40-45 hours a week and still have homework?! They are exhausted! They tried so hard to behave, do their school work, and when they are home, they should get to be children. I’m a major advocate for my children being children. They need to play, go outside, run, participate in sports or something. But school work sure makes it hard whenever they have you at school all day and then send more school work home with you to have a regular life. It’s exhausting. My one on one time with my children is doing homework instead of playing catch or soccer or reading together. It infuriates me! If I wanted to do so much homework with my children, I’d homeschool them. And I would love to homeschool them, however that is just not our current financial means right now. So I’m sending them to school for the school to do their job and quit sending home hours of homework each night! GRRR!

I get lost in the planner signing, spelling words (seriously each night is a different way to write their spelling words….rainbow, acrostic, definitions, in a sentence…ZZzzzZZZ), reading 30 minutes, online assignments, math worksheets, ahhhhhhhhhh! No.

Needless to say, I’m very passionate about my anti-homework beliefs. Let our kids be kids, quit forcing them to work overtime. I want my home to be a relaxing environment where my kids can just be kids, dirty their rooms just to clean their rooms, play outside, and more. I don’t want them to stress out all the time about getting an assignment done. We have baseball practice, soccer practice, church, and more….and then bedtime at 8. It is impossible for schools to expect your child to have outstanding performance, getting sufficient sleep, have daily homework assignments completed, and have extra curricular activities when homeworkin this day and age, are in a two parent working home. It is too demanding, too high of an expectation, and I wish it would stop.


Let my kids be kids. They have the rest of their lives to work overtime, but for now…I want them to play.