What’s your worship?

hebrew 1228This morning on my way to work I listened to a sermon from Life.Church about True Worshippers. It really got my mind moving. The message was clearly about how we worship the Lord and he used an example of different types of worship we do and aren’t even aware we doing.

Look at our behavior when we are at a sporting event (ie. football game), or when we go to a concert of our favorite band, or how excited we get over our favorite celebrities or news, or how dedicated we are to our favorite tv shows coming back for new seasons/anxious for season finales. Do we display that type of passion for Jesus? I cannot even try to hide that the fact that I express more excitement about Patriots winning, Arrow’s latest episode, losing one pound, or my kids’ milestones than I do about Jesus.

This really bothers me. And it should bother you, too.

Do I love any of these silly, worldly things more than I love God? Absolutely not! Not even close! But do others know this? I can’t honestly tell you what others think of me…mostly because I try not to consume myself with how people perceive me because I can’t control it and it’s exhausting, but I can tell you that they hear me talk more about the shows I watch, my city farm, my weight loss journey, and Patriots than they do about Jesus. Others know I’m a Christian and have a strong foundation in my faith because I don’t shy away from it, but am I as passionate and exuberant when I talk about this in comparison? Probably not. But why?

How easy it is to allow something else to become a distraction from worshipping our wonderful Creator! Yes it’s ok to like these things, and it’s ok to be excited about them, but we should be displaying just more excitement about our heavenly treasures than our worldly likes. Nate makes fun of my in church when I worship because I like to move my body to the music as I sing off tune, or when I like to clap and say Amen, but this is how I worship. I shouldn’t have to hold back because I’m praising my Heavenly Father with everything in me. On that topic, a few kids in the youth group have shared that sometimes they want to hold their hands up during praise, but they are so worried about what others will think that they don’t do it. Did David allow others’ to hold him back from dancing when he brought the ark home in 2 Samuel 6? Nope…in fact even when his wife Michal tried to pass judgement on him, he did not allow it to effect in and  “21David said to Michal, “It was before the Lord, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the Lord’s people Israel—I will celebrate before the Lord22I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. But by these slave girls you spoke of, I will be held in honor.”” 2 Sam 6:21-22. So people when you’re in the great moment of praising our wonderful God at church and want to put your hands up…do it, and remember that scripture.


Would you hold back your excitement when we find out your fave band is coming into town? Do we keep our hands down when our team scores a touchdown? Do we stay still when the person you love asks you to marry them? Would you be silent if you one money? No! We would jump for joy, we scream of excitement, we are thankful with arms high! So why do we hold back our excitement about Jesus? We should be jumping for joy when the preacher announces another soul was saved! We should be dancing for Jesus at the gift of salvation! We should be holding those arms up for joy when the worship is purely for Christ! Sing for Jesus, dance for Jesus, and don’t hold back! He is so much better and offers so much more than anything here on earth.  2 Chronicles 16:23-31 tells us just that! God has given us so much more than we even deserve and the gift of eternal life–why aren’t we singing about it to everyone?! When we have good news to share (having a baby, getting engaged, passed a test, etc.) we share it immediately. Well, we have the best news to share but we hold it back. We hold it to ourselves. Why are we not running to the next person and telling them “Guess what! All these pains and sufferings are only temporary. Any mistake you have made can go away and be erased! You will have a home in Heaven when you pass from this earth and only experience everlasting joy! All you have to do is believe…have faith in Jesus Christ!” Why is this so scary for us to share?! Let’s scream it, shout it from the rooftops. The world is sad, dark, and scary…let’s change it by sharing this great news that the world so badly needs.

So how is your worship?