A little lie here and there

One of the best snippets of advice I have ever received in life was “honey, if a boy can lie to his mom, his first woman to ever love, than what makes you think he won’t ever lie to you?”

Let me give you some back story to how I got this advice. I did not come to know the love of God until I was 17 and I was always trying find love and acceptance with a boyfriend. I had a very low self esteem, broken family, no true understanding of what love actually looked like so I spent many years jumping from relationship to another and mostly from one heart break to another disappointment. Even after receiving salvation and getting dumped, I went off my path God willed for me, looking for love in all the wrong places. looking-for-love-wrong-places2-300x128

I received this advice from an old boyfriend’s mom. See she didn’t want her son to date an unbeliever and so I told her son to lie about us. I’m not proud of it, but I’m going to be real honest here. He did—he did for many months and one day got caught in his lie. When his mom forbid him to see me, I went and talked to her myself. This woman will always be one of the most influential people in my life because she took the time to take this messy lost girl she didn’t like and shared the gospel with me. Talk about true Christ-like mindedness. Anyways, one of her advice was this about lying. At the time I didn’t think much about it. Quite honestly, it took many times of a boyfriend cheating on me to remind myself of these wise words she spoke about me. encouraging-bible-verses-never-lie-to-someone-who-trusts-you-and-never

I dated a few liars, liars that had no problem lying to their mom and of course no problem lying to me either. This gave me a lot of trust issues and I was so scared to give my trust to anyone after so many break ups. It took some serious downward spirals for me to realize I only could trust God’s love and His Love was the only consistent, true, honest, and faithful love o could experience. Once I came to this realization that God was my true love after many years steering off my path, He sure helped clear my head. I vowed to love God first from that point forward.

God brought me my husband. My wonderful, honest as it gets husband. My absolutely favorite thing about him, is his honesty. This man can’t tell a lie to save his life. Not a bad trait to have. His honesty shows his integrity. I knew he was an honest man when I witnessed his conviction over not correcting the employee when he gave us discount veteran admission to a theme park even though we weren’t married. He tried justifying it and then sat down in prayer to seek God’s forgiveness and even apologized to me. What a man! His honesty has always been his strongest characteristic. Because of his honesty, I have never had a single moment of insecurity or doubt in our marriage or his loyalty. Do you know how beautiful that level of security is? It’s a breath of fresh air.


God sure knew what he was doing when he put us together. Honesty, trust, and communication are our strongest parts of our marriage. But let me tell you, sometimes are honesty isn’t always welcome and doesn’t lead to joyful or proud moments. Lol! Sometimes are honesty is a bit too honest and we end up in argument or with hurt feelings. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was so broken when I came to meet the two most important loves of my life, Jesus and my husband. I had so many walls of insecurity and had convinced myself that I was incapable and undeserving of love. Both taught me what unconditional love looks like. Both showed me true forgiveness and acceptance. And both of these loves forever changed my life. Both of these great loves of my life chose me and love me and all they ask in return is for my love and faithfulness.

There is no perfect love like the love of God, but my husband comes pretty close.