City Farming across from QuikTrip

Chickens are addicting. Now I’m not just referring to chicken tenders from Chicken Express, I’m talking real live chickens. My husband and I were blessed with a rental property of an acre where the landlord let us get animals on the land. The funniest part is we are in the busiest part of our city and you would never know there is a hidden acre of goats, ducks, and chickens behind the house that’s across from QuikTrip. It quacks me up daily. We went from living in an apartment to this city farming and it’s been amazing!

Did you know you can get chickens delivered to you? Yes you just order them online and they come in the mail! Lol! This was how we got it all started. We went from only having a puppy to having 5 goats, 3 turkeys, 6 quails, 4 ducks, 20 chickens, 2 cats, and 2 dogs in 3 months. The best part was hardly any money was spent. Let me tell you, joining Facebook groups for livestock and chicken and goats, etc are the easiest way to score cheap or free animals. Everyone laughs and thinks we’re crazy but this adventure has been a true blessing. I know to some it may sound odd to say, but I have seen his hand in all of it from our neighbors behind us moving and giving us 3 large chicken coops for free, 200 yards of fencing and free pallets. We found so many free animals, a large company needed product testers for a new recipe for chicken feed and we received 400lbs of chicken feed for free!!! It’s been incredible.

But there have been some hardships. Our first set of chickens we raised from hatching died the second day we put them in their coops. The dog broke into their coop and played with them. So that was a hard loss. A possum got in and killed about 5 of our chickens sometime later. We had an owl break into the quail coop and behead ALL of our quail. It’s easy to get attached to these animals, I love my farm family. I put a lot of effort and love into taking care of them. My husband calls me the crazy chicken lady bc I’m always looking for more chickens, I’m always loving on my chickens, and I’m overly concerned all the time for them.

My goats are the greatest lawn mowers. I haven’t mowed my backyard since July. How cool is that! We also got the great opportunity to witness and assist our goats having babies! What an experience!

My kids have really appreciated this lifestyle. It’s taught them to appreciate life so much more. They’ve all helped with cleaning coops, gathering eggs, refilling the water, raking the grounds, milking the goats, and feeding the animals. It may be a crazy life, but it’s beautiful. My children love holding the chickens, getting chased by the ducks, and playing with the goats. We’ve learned so much in this journey and it’s been a great blessing and distraction during one of the hardest trials of our lives.

We’ve learned that chickens actually handle cold weather than we think. I wasted so much money on my electric bill to pay for heating lamps when it wasn’t necessary. My chickens are also super picky with what they eat and hate crumbled feed. We have a kiddie pool for the ducks to swim in, and that’s become my chickens favorite place to drink aside from the four waterers we have in place. Goats are super annoying but sweet. They really are stubborn. You give a goat a treat once, they don’t forget and will harass you until you give them another. They are sneaky and will try to get out of every fence you make. I also learned about how fragile life is. These animals depend on you even tho for the most part, their survival instincts kick in. However, one minor mistake like not locking up the coop early enough in the evening, you lose a chicken. We’ve also learned that my kids love the taste of duck and wild turkey. We had two turkeys at thanksgiving, store one and a backyard one. Everyone preferred the backyard turkey.

I know this post is different than my normal posts regarding Christian life but it’s a part of my life that God has blessed me with and I wanted to share. So on top of blogging about the daily struggles of life, I’m going to add city farming adventures to it. God is good.