Remember the butterflies

I remember the butterflies. The excitement over experiencing something new with my husband. The first time holding hands, a kiss, the agony over waiting until our wedding night. I remember how a day without seeing them felt like it would never end and how all I wanted was to be with him all the time….

Humbled by Faith

My three year old cracks me up. We were leaving church and she had a coloring page she worked on in Sunday School over the angel coming to Mary to tell her she was going to have a baby. I’m driving and I hear her making the characters on her paper talk to each other….

Is my fruit spoiled?

It’s a struggle each day. I have three kids, work full time, a dog, serve in my church, and am trying to lose weight. Each day really is a struggle. I’m lucky if I’m asleep by 10p.m. even though I need to be awake by 5:30a.m. And let’s be honest, Lord knows I’m going to…

Starting a blog

So what made me want to start a blog? Well I’ve always loved writing. I’ve had a journal since who knows how long. And I’ve written every encounter, from every crush, every heart break, fights with my mom to fights with my sisters, to every silliest little thought that came across my head. And I…