Book recommendation

I just read the book The Brave Art of Motherhood by Rachel Marie Martin. I had the blessed opportunity to be selected as a part of the Book Launch team. I’ve posted my review to goodreads and would definitely recommend it to any mother who doesn’t have enough me time. Or feels like their failing….

That Girl

Reflecting on the teen years in high school, we can all remember that girl. You know, that girl that always needed a boyfriend, validation from a guy, and would flirt with your crush because she always desired to be desired. Yep, you know that girl. Especially if you were best friends with that girl and…

Word of the year

One of my favorite things about the new year is it always feels like a refresh. Even though it is really no different than another day, another week, another month, it still has the empowering effect on every person to re-create themselves or make new goals or finally do what they’ve been aspiring to do….

A little lie here and there

One of the best snippets of advice I have ever received in life was “honey, if a boy can lie to his mom, his first woman to ever love, than what makes you think he won’t ever lie to you?” Let me give you some back story to how I got this advice. I did…